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In addition to full-mouth reconstruction, Dr. Jiveh offers high-quality worn teeth rehabilitation in Wellington and Royal Palm Beach, FL. Wearing of the teeth is natural as we age, but can also be caused by outside factors such as stress-induced bruxism, or teeth grinding. Although mainly an aesthetic issue, we recommend seeking treatment for your worn teeth to avoid more serious future issues like temporomandibular disorder (TMD) and its side effects.

Types of Tooth Wear & Causes

There are three main types of tooth wear, each with their own contributing causes:

Attrition – Tooth-to-tooth wear on the biting edges of the teeth generally caused by grinding or clenching

Abrasion – Tooth wear caused by aggressive brushing and usually affects the sides and necks of the teeth

Erosion – Loss of tooth structure from erosion caused by acidic foods and drinks. This is also common in patients with conditions like bulimia and acid reflux

Some patients will experience more than one of these types of wear and can have all three in certain cases.

Treatments for Worn Teeth

Dr. Jiveh may treat your worn teeth using a variety of treatments including composite resin bonding, cosmetic contouring, crowns, and, in more severe cases, orthognathic surgery. We also offer customized mouth appliances to improve the alignment of your bite, which can help prevent future tooth wear.

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