A Look At The Teeth In An Hour Wellington Procedure

Teeth In An Hour Wellington procedure might just be the answer to your dental problems. Here is a look at the main steps of this technique:

  • Initial dental evaluation and x-rays to determine if the patient is suitable for the dental implants.
  • CT-scans are taken to provide high precision data for dental planning.
  • Computer based planning of the implant surgery on a 3-dimensional virtual model of the jaw.
  • Data files with the surgical plan are sent to your dentist.
  • Surgical guide and final or temporary prosthetics are prepared and sent back by the lab.
  • Implants are surgically installed. The implants are placed with excellent accuracy thanks to the precision drilling with the aid of the surgical guide. No sutures are required and there is typically no swelling or discomfort.
  • Prosthesis, either temporary or final, is fitted immediately after implant placement.
  • Patient can leave the dental clinic with a functioning and beautiful smile.

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