Are You A Good Candidate For It?

Not everyone who has missing or damaged teeth can automatically apply for Teeth In A Day Loxahatchee. There are certain criteria that you need to pass first before you can be qualified in getting dental implants.

  • Oral health – Your general oral health must be in good condition. Your gums must be healthy to perform the task well without any possible problems. If there are any problems in your oral health that may affect the operation, you may have it treated first before proceeding to dental implantation.
  • Maintenance – The doctor must see to it that the patient should have a regular maintenance of his oral health to know that the implants would actually work. Dental implants depend on the care that the patient puts after the operation.
  • Bone quantity and quality – Both quality and quantity would dictate if the operation could be successful or useless. The bones that are present in the jaw should be enough in quantity and should be healthy enough to create new teeth.

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