Patty: Smile Design by Dr. Jiveh


Dr. Jiveh, instructor, lecturer,
and mentor to other dentists

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Marisol: Smile Design by Dr. Jiveh


"Dr. Jiveh, The beauty and perfection
of my new smile is a true reflection
of your expertise, experience and
dedication in what you do.
It is truly a work of art, and
I am so happy and forever
grateful for the life-changing
result you have mastered"

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Topher: Smile Design by Dr. Jiveh

Our Staff

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Angela: Smile Design by Dr. Jiveh

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Dental Services

General, Cosmetic and the latest in
digital Implant Dentistry

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Dentist Near Me Royal Palm Beach

Finding a dentist near me Royal Palm Beach is not easy especially if you have numerous options to choose from. Your dental and oral care need is one of the pressing factors that contribute to your choice for a dentist or dental hygienist. There are different types of the dentist to choose from, depending on their specialization in the field of dentistry. Some dentists specialize in cosmetic dentistry while others focus in periodontics and other branches.

Knowing the different criteria to find a dentist near me Royal Palm Beach is the first step to getting the right professionals for the job. You need to primarily choose a licensed and qualified dentist in order to safely and effectively perform the treatment. The right service provider has years of practice and experience in the industry and offers excellent patient care and support.

Cosmetic Dentistry


We take special care to create a long lasting, stunning, and functional smile for all of his patients. Either a single tooth restoration, or a full mouth reconstruction, every effort is made to create the best result in cosmetic dentistry.

Implant Dentistry


Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth for a healthier quality of life and to also regain your confidence and beautiful attractive smile. Dental implants are also a replacement for cracked teeth.

General Dentistry and Anti Aging


Besides being the most sought-after cosmetic dentist in Palm Beach County, Dr. Jiveh performs a variety of General Dentistry as well. We are a general dental office concentrating mostly on cosmetic and reconstructive.




Smiles by Jiveh is Where You Can Find a Reputable and Licensed Dentist Near Me Royal Palm Beach!

Smiles by Jiveh is the place to be if you are looking for a reputable and experienced dentist near me Royal Palm Beach specialist for your dental and oral care needs. We have in-house dentists and dental hygienists that specialize in all types of treatment including cosmetic dentistry. Our experts help you know and choose your various options depending on your dental needs and budget.

At Smiles by Jiveh, taking care of your teeth, mouth, and smile is our top priority and we do it with utmost care to our patients from start to finish. Our licensed team of dentists uses advanced and innovative dental technology that offers smile makeovers no matter how serious or complex your dental problems may be. Give us a call and we'll give you the list of a dentist near me Royal Palm Beach today!

Experience Pearly White Teeth with Us Now!

The best oral health care is only possible if you are dealing with the best professionals in the industry. Restore or improve the appearance of your smile and teeth with high-quality and advanced dental treatment and trends. Smiles by Jiveh is a reputable name in the dental industry that specializes in cosmetic dentistry and other dental procedures. Contact us now!

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