How it Works

The typical procedure for dental veneers West Palm Beach includes one to two appointments to your dental specialist. Prefabricated veneers give you quicker treatment since you would only one meeting for the specialist to fit the dental material on your teeth. Veneers are non-intrusive treatments thus, you would not usually need local anesthesia to undergo the procedure.

Dental veneers West Palm Beach are cosmetic dental solutions wherein the impression of the tooth is an important basis in creating the veneer for permanent replacement. A temporary veneer is necessary while the laboratory fabricates the veneer that the specialist will place on your teeth for your next appointment. The dentist needs to light cure the surfaces with the veneer attachment. The final polishing of the veneer margins completes the procedure.

Smiles by Jiveh delivers the best veneer solutions to achieve that perfect and dashing smile. Arrange an appointment with us now for your initial consultation and treatment!

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