Patty: Smile Design by Dr. Jiveh


Dr. Jiveh, instructor, lecturer,
and mentor to other dentists

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Marisol: Smile Design by Dr. Jiveh


"Dr. Jiveh, The beauty and perfection
of my new smile is a true reflection
of your expertise, experience and
dedication in what you do.
It is truly a work of art, and
I am so happy and forever
grateful for the life-changing
result you have mastered"

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Topher: Smile Design by Dr. Jiveh

Our Staff

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Angela: Smile Design by Dr. Jiveh

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General, Cosmetic and the latest in
digital Implant Dentistry

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Dental Veneers Royal Palm Beach

Dental veneers Royal Palm Beach seamlessly cover the flaws on your teeth, offering amazing results in no time. The remarkable dental product offers that impressive result without any noticeable signs of flaws that you struggle to conceal in the first place. Your teeth look exactly flawless and perfect after the completion of the veneer application.

Dental flaws, whether minor or major ones, can stop you from beamingly smiling simply because you are embarrassed to do so. Dental veneers Royal Palm Beach cover up dental flaws with minimal efforts but with excellent results. Veneers are extremely thin products and primarily porcelain shells, which a dentist applies in front of your teeth in order to camouflage the imperfections. Explore the exciting world of cosmetic dentistry for the perfect smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry


We take special care to create a long lasting, stunning, and functional smile for all of his patients. Either a single tooth restoration, or a full mouth reconstruction, every effort is made to create the best result in cosmetic dentistry.

Implant Dentistry


Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth for a healthier quality of life and to also regain your confidence and beautiful attractive smile. Dental implants are also a replacement for cracked teeth.

General Dentistry and Anti Aging


Besides being the most sought-after cosmetic dentist in Palm Beach County, Dr. Jiveh performs a variety of General Dentistry as well. We are a general dental office concentrating mostly on cosmetic and reconstructive.




Smiles by Jiveh Delivers Extraordinary Results through a Wide Range of Top Quality Services Especially Dental Veneers Royal Palm Beach!

At Smiles by Jiveh, your smile is definitely different and beaming because you are not afraid of any imperfections showing on your teeth. We offer excellent dental services especially in applying top-of-the-line dental veneers Royal Palm Beach. Our team of dentists and oral aestheticians makes sure that you restore your smile in no time.

We specialize in dental veneers Royal Palm Beach with a wide range of services from covering and improving the shape and contours of your teeth to getting rid of teeth discoloration. Smiles by Jiveh is the expert in removing spots, chips, gaps, and correcting crooked and misaligned teeth. Give us a call right now for your dental makeover!

Enjoy Pearly White and Straight Teeth with the Dental Experts!

A beaming, beautiful smile is a priceless treasure that you could only get with the help of the experts in dental and cosmetic dentistry services. Having perfect teeth is more than your physical looks but it is also about boosting your self-confidence and esteem. We are the experts in dental veneers and other dental correction solution at Smiles by Jiveh. Inquire now!

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