Are You Qualified for Dental Implants Wellington

Dental implants Wellington offer a real-like replacement tooth to the damaged one so that you don't lose your tooth in the long run. It is important to note that a patient must first undergo oral surgery for this treatment to take effect. You need to have a health clearance before you can get implants, particularly healthy gums. Patients with chronic disorders with uncontrolled natures need to pass an evaluation before getting implants.

You are a good candidate for dental implants Wellington if you do not have serious health problems such as heart disease or diabetes. It is vital to consult with your physician first before you consider the oral surgery, which could put you in danger if you are not honest about your medical history.

Take note that you need to keep a regular dental visit and proper oral hygiene for quality oral health. Smile by Jiveh offers a wide range of dental solutions. Contact us for details!

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