Why You Should be Afraid of Gingivitis

Gingivitis is one of the major dental and oral problems that could destroy your mouth, teeth, and smile. It is the chronic inflammation of your gingiva or gum tissue and could develop if you have poor oral hygiene. Gingivitis may be the early phase of a more serious gum disease called periodontitis but it has an equally harmful effect on your overall dental and oral health. You need the help of a dentist or periodontist in order to treat gingivitis right away.

The symptoms of gingivitis may vary from mouth sores, bad breath, itchy gums, bad taste, and gum recession when the gums recede or pull away from your tooth. A comprehensive in-office dental cleaning is one of the first steps to take in treating and reversing the symptoms of gingivitis.

The early signs of gum disease are usually due to different factors including smoking, diabetes, substance abuse, pregnancy, stress, puberty, and poor nutrition. Smiles by Jiveh helps you with gingivitis and other oral problems. Message us now!


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