Avoid These Foods After Teeth Whitening

Pearly white teeth dramatically improve your appearance and give you that beaming and beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentistry, specifically teeth whitening, restore your white teeth color in no time but you also need to do something in order to maintain it. Be aware of the food that could stain your teeth and cause discoloration in the long run. There are also foods that you should cross out of your diet especially after a teeth whitening treatment.

Sacrifice your cup of java after you undergo a teeth whitening procedure because coffee is the number culprit that causes teeth discoloration and staining. Red wine, tea, and other dark-colored beverages have the same effects as that of coffee hence avoid them at all cost if you want to keep your pearly white smile. Dark chocolate may be a potent antioxidant but it is not your friend when it comes to having white teeth.

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